Seasonal Persimmon Salad

Persimmon Salad

Enjoyed a wonderful seasonal persimmon salad at Tarpy’s Roadhouse the other evening, kale, pomegranates, candied walnuts. Paired with Prosecco. Healthy. Refreshing. Local.

Ginger Wine Recipe ~1770

Convivial Supper

How to Make Ginger Wine.

Today’s post is an update on the ginger wine project started back in January.


Ginger wine is traditionally made from ginger and raisins and first appeared in Britain in the 1740s. The wine can be fortified with brandy or cognac, or even diluted with lemonade. An interesting historical note: There was a widely held belief at the time that ginger wine helped prevent cholera, and sales would always increase during cholera outbreaks. To this day, fans of ginger wine tout its medicinal properties.

Mulled ginger wine is a holiday favorite in some circles. To that end, I’ve started a 5 gallon batch that ‘should’ be ready by this time next year to gift to family members.

Here’s the original ginger wine recipe:


From what I have been able to find, white race ginger refers to a plant root native to Great Britain. We don’t…

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Donut Peach Wine Recipe

The donut peach wine is fermenting nicely after 1 week. Here’s the recipe:

  1. 5 gallon bucket, washed with metabisulfite solution
  2. 1 boiled mesh fruit bag + boiled twine
  3. 3.5 lbs. ripe peaches, diced – pits removed and bruised fruit discarded.
  4. 2.25 lbs. sugar dissolved in 2 quarts boiled water
  5. Another 2 quarts of boiled water cooled down
  6. 1.5 tsp. acid blend
  7. .25 tsp tannin
  8. 1 tsp. yeast nutrient
  9. 1 crushed campden tablet
  10. .5 tsp. pectic enzyme
  11. 1 packet Champagne yeast

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